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New Laced Kendama

Standard Issue (Red)

Standard Issue (Red)

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The nomenclature “E1-11B10” coincides with the rank of private, light infantryman.

Grunt, the endearing term given to infantry soldiers, rings truest for that private who makes up the backbone of the force.

The art inside of the big cup represents the reticle in the ACOG sight, a staple piece of equipment for the infantry rifleman. Paired with incredible tracking, you’ll be hitting your laces with sniper precision!

The double lines used across this dama represent the roughly 22 veteran suicides which occur every day. (This number is widely known and used however it has fallen some in recent years thankfully)


Maple Grunt / 62mm Ash Tama / 2023 sticky. 
Sticker set /String pack 

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