All About the Runt!

All About the Runt!

These Damas may be small, but they're mighty! The Runt is a 65% scaled version of our newest shape the Grunt. Much like its parent shape, these little guys are seriously some of the most unreasonably honed miniature Kendama's right out of the box... or bag... you get the picture. Be prepared to LACE!

The Runt features a beech ken engraved with our Jester logo, a beech Tama wrapped in sticky paint and belt fed ammo art to keep you in the fight longer! 

After Action Report:

We originally meant for these to be a limited drop with the batch size set at 100 total Runts, each engraved with its unique batch number. We also like to bring unreleased product to event to add to the extra hype and FanFair or the comps. Well between EKC, CKC, SLC, NEKC, and Dama Madness we constantly sold out of the stock we brought. Needless to say, I didn't expect such an overwhelming response. I got caught lackin. When the final quantity hit the site alongside TamaGucci V3, there were roughly 28 Runts in total. These sold out almost immediately, leaving many feeling FOMO and longtime customers saddened as they were unable to grab our latest product to complete their collection. 


We have heard the communities outpouring of support and desire for the Runt and will be swifty ordering a new batch to ensure everyone is properly supplied. Keep an eye on our news page for future updates on this release!

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