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Owner / Artist / Dama-dad

Jacob Callaway

Age: 33

Home State: Massachusetts

Began Playing: August 2019

Favorite Tricks: Stalls, Taps, and anything fast-hands.

Warm Up Line: tap/ jug /late ken

Fun Fact about Jacob: I Served for 7 Years in the Army Infantry and I am a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

Most Influential players: Wyatt Bray, Mr. Flox, Elijah Lane, Finn Pounds, Quarry Locals, and all the guys on the NLK team!

What makes NLK Special: "What makes this brand special is that it was never meant to be a brand in the beginning...This journey began after creating our first Tama design, the Tamagucci, and has continued building brick by brick into what it is today solely through the support of the community. "

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Pro Team

Gage Writes

Age: 27

Home State: California

Began Playing: August 2014

Tama or Ken Heavy: Tama

R/L Handed: Right

Favorite Tricks: Stall and String tricks!

Warm Up Line: Around stalls, 1,2,3 stalls.

Fun Fact about Gage: I will stop to pet every cat. Every time.

Most Influential players: Bonz, Mateo Potato, Ben Herald, Adrian Esteban, Jokbert, Rodney Ansell

@Gage.evill on Instagram

Flow Team

Luke Sedgwick

Age: 23

Home State: Utah

Began Playing: December 2014

Tama or Ken Heavy: Tama

R/L Handed: Right

Favorite Tricks: Juggles, Taps, 123's, & Cloudbounces

Warm Up Line: 123 Jug, 123 tap

Fun Fact about Luke: Once watched each (original) Star Wars movie back to back

Most Influential players: Bonz, Stodd, Honestly everyone influences me in one way or another.

@wonklife on Instagram

Flow Team

Brent Duffy

Age: 23

Home State: Massachusetts

Began Playing: January 2020

Tama or Ken Heavy: I literally don't care.

R/L Handed: Right

Favorite Tricks: Anything with string tension.

Warm Up Line: 1.5 Goon Pinch

Fun Fact about Brent: Developed a naturally flavored pistachio ice cream that went to market at a local ice cream shop while I was in college.

Most Influential players: Jaymin West, Ben Herald, Jacob Low, Franta Mars, Pinchy William

@brentduffy01 on Instagram

Flow Team

Leo Beardsmore

Age: 22

Home State: Florida

Began Playing: June 1 2015

Tama or Ken Heavy? Does not matter to me

R/L Handed: Right

Favorite Tricks: Finger tricks and anything weird

Warm Up Line: taps & late sandwiches'

Fun Fact about Leo: I love rock climbing and anything physically challenging.

Most Influential players: Adrian Esteban, Nobu Nori, Ben Herald

@kitano_kendama on Instagram

Flow Team

Isaac Levinson

Age: 18

Home State: California

Began Playing: November 2021

Tama or Ken Heavy: Tama

R/L Handed: Right

Favorite Tricks: Broadways, Late Kens, Tap

Warm Up Line: 3 tap jug late trip jug 3 tap

Fun Fact about Isaac: I can do some flips...

Most Influential players: Tennessee Bray, Tiblex, Ben Herald

@i.saaccccc on Instagram

Flow Team

Ari Mitchell

Age: 16

Home State: Wisconsin

Began Playing: December 2020

Tama or Ken Heavy: Tama

R/L Handed: Right

Favorite Tricks: Lunars and Lates

Warm Up Line: Triple ken flips

Fun Fact about Ari: I'm a car detailer.

Most Influential players: Alex Mitchell, Bonz, Isaac Janicki, Kriss Bosch.

@kendama_ari on Instagram
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